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Where do I call to make an appointment and what information do I need handy when calling?

Appointments for all of our locations can be made by calling

Milwaukee: 414.298.7142

Ascension Columbia St Mary's Water Tower Medical Commons 2350 N Lake Dr., Suite 404 Milwaukee 53211

Brookfield: 414.298.7142

19475 W. North Avenue, Suite 303 Brookfield, WI 53045

Waukesha: 262.896.6000

Aurora Health Center W231N1440 Corporate CT, Suite 3001 Waukesha, WI 53186 

Oconomowoc: 262.434.5000

36500 Aurora Drive Summit. Office Building 4th floor, Summit WI 53066


Please have your insurance card handy as we will need specific information from your insurance card to make an appointment.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

If you are a new patient or have not been seen for three years or more, here’s a handy list of what you’ll need to bring to your appointment:

  • Insurance card
  • Medicaid/Medicare card (if applicable)
  • Photo ID (e.g. driver’s license)
  • Your current contact information
  • Contact information of the person responsible for payment (if other than you)
  • Contact information of the person you would like listed as your emergency contact
  • Completed Neurologic Associates
  • Completed Health History form, with list of medications you are taking, list of any known drug allergies, list of any healthcare concerns and previous surgeries
  • Medical records and/or imaging study CD including x-rays, MRI, CT Scans
  • Co-payment  through cash, check, VISA, Discover, MasterCard
  • All radiology films or discs you’ve received in the course of prior treatment, your insurance cards, medication lists, photo ID, and co-pay. If you do not have a copy of your images before your appointment, please contact the facility you had the imaging done at to get a copy before your appointment. 


What should I do if I need to cancel my appointment?

You need to call at least 24 hours before your appointment to avoid a no-show fee.

What should I do if I cannot keep my appointment and need to reschedule?

You need to call  We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule an appointment so we are able to schedule another patient who needs care in your place.

What should I expect at my appointment?

You will be asked to bring any Health History Form, medical records and radiology films (MRI, CT, etc.) that relate to your visit. Please bring a current list of all medications and any history of drug allergies.

Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin physicians, provider and their staff will review your prior records and radiology films, and they will discuss your symptoms and history with you in detail. The provider will make an assessment of the next step necessary in your treatment and advise you at that point. 

Please allow 1–1.5 hours for your first appointment if you are a new patient. Your medical history, all reports, and images will be reviewed so that your Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin physician can recommend the appropriate treatment. If surgery is recommended, the benefits and risks will be explained to you in full detail.

Our office staff will make every attempt to honor all time commitments. We ask that you do the same for us. If for any reason you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please call our office as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule.

At times, emergencies can occur in neurosurgery, and our physicians may be delayed during office hours. We will make every attempt to see you as soon as possible. If you cannot wait, we will reschedule your appointment for the next available time.

How long of a wait will it be to schedule an appointment?

The scheduling staff is generally able to accommodate patient appointments within one to two weeks. 

How can I communicate with my doctor after my first visit?

The doctors are continually working at the clinic or hospital and are not immediately available at all times. If you have a question, one of our staff will assist you. You will be given the name and direct phone number to your physician's patient care coordinator at your first visit. The patient care coordinator is the person you should contact first with your needs or questions. 

You can also communicate using your online patient portal

Where will my diagnostic testing be performed?

Your physician's patient care coordinator will discuss your options once your testing has been ordered by your physician.

Can I get my test results over the phone?

In some circumstances after you have completed your test our providers can give you information over the phone if a follow-up appointment is not necessary. However some test results are complicated or require explanation and they should be reported in person. You may have a follow-up office visit to thoroughly explain the results, treatment options and answer any questions you may have. Remember, sometimes an expert’s interpretation and explanation is more important than instant answers. Some test results can be communicated to you through your online patient portal



How do I get my prescription refilled?

Important Tips for Prescription Refills:

Call your pharmacy

  • If you have authorized refills your pharmacist can refill your prescription immediately.
  • If not, then your pharmacist will contact us directly by phone or fax. Once you have requested the refill through your pharmacy you will need to call them to see when the prescription is ready; do not call our office. This is a much safer and quicker method because your pharmacist knows the information we need to fill your prescription and speed up the process.

Do not let your prescription run out

  • Make sure you keep your scheduled appointment in order to keep your refill request current. You will need to be seen at least once annually to continue to receive prescription renewals.

  • Plan ahead - request your refill from your pharmacy at least 72 hours (3 days) before you will run out of medication. Physicians may not be in the office every day to authorize refills. Contact the pharmacy directly to see if your prescription is ready.

  • If you request controlled substances on a Friday, evenings or weekends your request will not be filled. Controlled substance refill requests are processed Monday – Thursday during regular office hours.

  • If you are overdue for a clinic visit and request a refill you may only get a 7-day supply. This may cause you to have an additional co-pay so it is important to see your physician consistently. Controlled substance prescriptions will not be refilled early. Written prescriptions cannot be picked up after 4:30pm daily and 3:30 on Fridays.

Are prescription pain medications prescribed by the Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin doctors?

Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin providers are able to prescribe pain medication when necessary. That is not the specialty in our practice. Since the management of pain medication is such a delicate process they prefer to leave long-term management to pain management physicians for specialized care. Our surgeons will prescribe pain medication for postoperative care and, if medication needs to be continued, you will then refer back to the managing physician.



Billing & Financial Policies

What insurance plans are accepted?

While we do accept most insurance plans, it's important to check previously with your insurance plan and become familiar with your insurance coverage and co-pay requirements.

Your benefit coverage for care provided is determined solely by your insurance company and is based on the provisions of your specific medical benefit plan.

Will you bill my insurance company?

We will file all of your insurance claims (both primary and secondary) for all office visits and any surgical procedure that you have with your authorization.

It is your responsibility to keep our staff updated with any changes in your insurance coverage. You are responsible for obtaining any referrals that are needed from your primary care physician. You are responsible for ensuring that all services provided have been authorized with your insurance company and knowing your level of benefits and what your insurance will and will not pay for. You are responsible for anything your insurance company does not pay or denies.

All patients with UHC Navigate or UHC Compass insurance must have your Primary Care Physician office enter a referral on the UHC website to see the Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin physician before we can schedule your appointment. If the referral is not in place on the UHC website UHC will make you responsible for the entire bill.

We accept Visa/MasterCard/Discover cards for payment for services. Co-payments are due on the date of service.

If you do not have insurance coverage, we will work with you to set up a payment plan. A down payment will be required for services if you do not have insurance coverage and you will be balance billed for the remainder of the visit charges.

Work-Related Injuries

If your visit is a result of a Workers’ Compensation claim or personal injury claim, it is your responsibility to give our office accurate information on your first visit regarding the date of injury, claim number, insurance carrier with address and phone number. This information is required to properly submit your claim. If we do not receive this information, or if payment is denied, payment will be your responsibility.

Our clinical staff will fill out disability forms at your request. We need a minimum of 7 days to complete these forms. Please mail or bring in forms with a stamped envelope addressed to the proper company.

Where do I call if I have a question about my bill?

Our billing specialist will be glad to answer any question and assist you with your account. Please call our main phone number at 262.542.9503 and select Option 5.




How can I obtain my medical records?

Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin wants to assist you in getting your medical records to other healthcare providers when you need them. Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin Medical Records Department will process a release request from our office to another healthcare provider, free of any charge to you, with the attached signed authorization or a faxed request from your doctor’s office requesting your medical records.

It is important to us that you understand the process for requesting your medical records and the requirements around releasing those records. We have linked to our authorization form for requesting any release of your medical records. A fee schedule pertaining to the release of your records is included on this informational sheet. Please read the forms carefully. Medical_Records_Patient_Instructions_and_Release_Form.pdf

All completed release forms should be submitted to the Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin Medical Records department at 1111 Delafield Street, Suite 105, Attn: Medical Records, Waukesha, WI 53188 or faxed to 262.522.7286.


Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin uses HeatlhPort Technologies, LLC to process and fulfill all other requests for copy or release of your medical record. HealthPort Technologies charges a reasonable fee for copying, postage and preparation of records to fulfill this request. All fees are based on the applicable laws governing release of Health information. HealthPort Technologies will process your records within 3 to 10 business day of receiving the completed release request form. HealthPort Technologies may release up to 5 pages free of charge.

HealthPort Customer Service: 1-800-367-1500

You may call our Medical Records Department at 262-522-7840 with any questions regarding your request or these forms. Please call Healthport directly to at 1-800-367-1500 to check on the status of your record release.



Please see Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin Preoperative & Postoperative instructions on this website for detailed information.

When is surgery considered the best option for my condition?

Surgery will be considered when you do not respond or improve with non-surgical methods. In certain circumstances surgery may be necessary immediately. You can be confident that the Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin surgeon will present the best options available to you for your condition.

Will I have to wait to be scheduled for surgery?

Surgery scheduling is based on insurance authorization and pre-operative clearance from your primary or cardiac physician. We can generally get you on the surgery schedule within two to four weeks, and sometimes less in emergency situations. The notification process with your insurance company can take up to three weeks. Surgery cannot be done before your insurance company has processed this notification.

Where do the Neurologic Associate of Wisconsin surgeons do surgery?

Please see the locations page of our website for hospital locations.

Can I have a copy of my radiology films or disc?

You may take your radiology films with you after your appointment and keep them for surgery. You will need to bring the films or discs with you to the hospital on the day of surgery. Your surgeon cannot perform your surgery without those images. If you do not have your films or disc, you can contact the facility where you had the procedure and they can make another copy for you.

Why do I need an MRI or CT scan before surgery?

This imaging will be used as a visual reference by the surgeon for navigation during surgery.

When is surgery considered?

Surgery will be considered when you do not respond or improve with non-surgical methods. In certain circumstances surgery may be necessary immediately. You can be confident that the Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin surgeon will present the best options available to you for your condition.

If I have surgery, how long will I be off work?

This will vary based on the type of surgery you have and the type of work you do. The surgeon will give you very specific instructions after surgery and will check up on you with regular post-operative visits to keep an eye on your progress.

Where will my preoperative appointments take place?

It is very important that every patient has blood work, chest x-ray, EKG, labs and history and physical exam done to make sure the body is healthy enough to undergo surgery. You may need a more extensive exam for surgical clearance if you have pre-existing health conditions.

How long should I wear my brace?

Braces are worn based on your progress after surgery. Generally, our surgeons have their patients wear their cervical braces for up to four weeks and lumbar braces up to six weeks. You will be given specific instructions on how to wear your brace and when you can discontinue use. Not all surgeries require a brace to be worn after surgery.

How do I wear the bone growth stimulator with the brace?

You wear your bone growth stimulator outside of your brace. The surgeon will prescribe a bone growth stimulator if it is appropriate for your case. Not all surgeries require a bone growth stimulator be worn after surgery.

What is the purpose of a bone growth stimulator?

A bone growth stimulator assists the body in restoring healing after a spinal fusion by regenerating the bone cells around the fused area.

Does the hardware implanted in surgery have to stay in my back after the bones are fused?

Yes, the spinal fusion hardware will remain in your body after surgery.

How will I know that I can drive again after surgery?

This will vary based on the type work you do and the type of surgery you have had. The surgeon will give you very specific instructions after surgery. You will have scheduled post-operative visits for the doctor to monitor your progress.

What medications can I take before surgery?

You will need to make sure to be very clear with the Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin neurosurgeon and their staff about what medications you are on before scheduling surgery. If your surgeon needs to make modifications to your normal schedule they will tell you. You will receive information about the types of blood thinning medications that may be dangerous to take before surgery. See the Pre-op and Post-op instructions on the patient page of this website.

What medications can I take after surgery?

Before you leave the hospital the Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin physician will discuss any medications that will be sent home with you. Please read the discharge instructions you are given when leaving the hospital. Your medications will be addressed on that discharge paperwork.

How long will I be in the hospital?

This will vary based upon your type of surgery. Neurologic Associates of Wisconsin physicians do outpatient as well as inpatient procedures. You can ask this question when discussing your surgery with the doctor.

How long is the recovery after surgery?

This will vary based on the type work you do and the type of surgery you have had. The surgeon will give you very specific instructions after surgery. You will have scheduled post-operative visits for the doctor to monitor your progress.

Is there a charge for disability forms and other requested paperwork?

There is a small fee for paperwork to be completed due to the time it takes our office staff to research the information and submit it back to the requesting party.

How long does it take to process disability paperwork and other forms?

We request at least 7 to 10 days to process paperwork.

Who should I call if I have questions after my surgery?

Please call the phone number that was provided for you after the surgery,  days, evenings, or weekends with any questions that you have after being discharged from the hospital. If our office is closed, our answering service will only page the physician for urgent needs.




What people say about us?


The office visit was on time. The staff assisted efficiently and answered a billing question while I was there in the office. Dr. Reichert was direct and to the point and efficient and answered my questions.

-Gerald Peiffer

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